Liquid Heritage!

I took this photo a few years ago… on St Patrick’s Day. As a South African, living in Ireland, I couldn’t resist combining something representing the liquid heritage of both countries… you guessed… Guinness and Pinotage… both winners. Remember… don’t mix them… you’ll be rather ill if you attempted to drink that concoction!


Cook, Cook and Braai!!

Gosh, this blog has been dormant for so long that I’ve almost forgotten it exists. However, Ailsa’s challenge this week is “cook“… and her photos reminded me that she missed the South African angle. So, I’ll throw in a wee gallery to assist… past braais, past pleasure… great memories!!


There are days… and then there are days. Those days when you long for the days… yep, those days when days were days. Days when we long for the days of the past! All of those days… when we did things that now make us all teary-eyed and nostalgic… like a beach braai. Any South African will tell you that may be the ultimate outdoor experience. Only thing is… we’ve been living in Ireland for almost 16 years so that is a memory that only smells of the days when nostalgia was nostalgia. However… even in the wet and wonderful Ireland one can build nostalgia…

Happy St Patrick’s Day! (With an Irish/ South African Twist!)

South African friend Rider wished me a Happy St Patrick’s day… and suggested he’d be getting himself a few cans of Guinness to join the celebrations… from a distance. Not long after my reply to his comment he responded by saying he’d managed to secure the last two cans of Guinness at his local provider.

You have to remember… he’s sitting about 10 thousand miles from the source so even getting two cans is a win-win! So, I meekly pointed out that he could celebrate in good SA tradition… with a good Pinotage!

Rider liked the idea so I agreed to take up the challenge myself… as they say in the classics… another Irish South African tradition is born!

Don’t get me wrong… I’m sure Rider enjoyed a good Pinotage… I just had to make do with the best I could find in Ireland at short notice… 2014 screw-cap… aaah well, it’s red and the label says South Africa!

Happy St Patrick's Day... Irish Saffer style... !!

Chicken Like Nando’s?

I’ve had a craving for Nando’s for a while now. We do have a franchise a few miles away but I’m never there so my craving remains… until you find a recipe to make your own. So, the internet’s box of tricks again came up with the goods. Do click here to see the recipe I based my makings on.

I had a bright moment and part cooked the chicken on the braai in the foil tubs (covered with foil). This meant the pieces were evenly cooked through so they didn’t need too much fiddling on the hot coals!!

Lessons Learned?

  • when I do this recipe again I’ll have the pieces smaller and won’t part cook them quite as long at this time
  • I’ll make the hot mix hotter… there was too little Tabasco and chilly in this mix!
  • as always… try and marinade the meat as long as possible… in this case 24 hours would have been better than the 15 I had at my disposal…

The 21st Braai!

Well, actually we had 2 braai’s… one on Friday night and one on Saturday evening for the family that couldn’t make it on Friday. As it’s always a bit of an issue when one braai’s for many folk, who bring their own meat, it’s difficult to get the evening synchronised. So, to get the ball rolling, we did chicken wings and cocktail sausages for starters. The birthday boy requested steak and marinated pork belly ribs so that followed the starters. Fortunately, most folk brought steak and chicken so it made life easier. I do notice that there’s no photo of the ribs… believe me, they went a long way to filling the grid on their own!

Later in the evening the lad had to blow out the candles!! 

Blow lad... blow!!

On Saturday evening the main course was pork chops, another of the birthday boy’s favourites. The pic shows some of the mix and match again… the ever popular spicy wings and porkies for snacks along with beef burgers for the kids. To the right of the picture are 2 beef kebabs… for birthday boy’s expecting sister. Just to the left of the kebabs are 3 large chicken breasts marinated in a Caribbean sauce, specially for birthday boy’s sister’s partner. Then some of the pork chops in their initial stages of browning…

Another wonderfully laden grid!!

Believe me when I say we all enjoyed the fun! Thanks to everyone for a very memorable weekend! Thanks too the GLW for all her help!!

PS – No, we ate balanced meals… veggies, potato bake, bread, salad… even cake for dessert! We’re more Paleo that carnivore, that I promise!


There are a few things in life that just don’t fit… a Saffer supporting a Kiwi rugby team… considering a cold Chilean red suitable for summer supping… preferring to eat Vegan when meat is the only way forward.

Wet braai wood in almost sub-zero conditions would be one such contradiction. Man… when you run out of charcoal and its mid winter and it’s Ireland and your local wood merchant has long sold out his last few dry sticks… then you simply soldier on… and blow… and fan… and use almost a box of artificial fire lighters… and blow… and pray a bit. Yes, we eventually had our feed… not too bad… but, that’s a story for another day!

Wood blowing bubbles... winter braai fun!

When last have you had this kind of party fun? Bubbles? Yes please sir… could we have some more? NOT!!