Cook, Cook and Braai!!

Gosh, this blog has been dormant for so long that I’ve almost forgotten it exists. However, Ailsa’s challenge this week is “cook“… and her photos reminded me that she missed the South African angle. So, I’ll throw in a wee gallery to assist… past braais, past pleasure… great memories!!


The Humble Pork Chop

I’ve spent many hours in the past working on the food and photos to accompany a post for this blog. However, I’m prone to forget about my good intentions until a weekly photo challenge arrives on a Friday afternoon. The title for this post has been sitting dormant since early in the month.

So, why not show you a gallery and tie it to this week’s challenge? After all, you’ll have to agree with me, if you’ve enjoyed a simple yet great feed then you must surely have had a good day! (The photos are sequential so click on them for the captions, from left top onward!)


Food, for so many, is the inspiration for many of life’s activities! Just think of all the TV programs dedicated to food and it’s production. Think of all the books and magazines, the recipes you see that may spark an idea. I often find inspiration just by seeing a word or picture. A word like peri-peri… combine that with chicken.

Lemon and garlic… combine that with fish. Whatever you enjoy, there can be little as satisfying as a great bit of food cooked to perfection on the braai! But, before we get meat to the bbq we first have to prepare the marinade… even the colours are inspiring!

The colours are inspiration enough to get one salivating! ;-)

Close UP…

I’ll have to confess… I’ve neglected this blog!! If I’d paid as much attention to my eating habits I’d long be dead. So… why don’t I show you a loving close up… ala Floyd, of the makings of a lemon, herb and honey chicken marinade I’ve been working on in the last while… fun!

Lemon, herb and honey marinade... super scrumptious!!

Lamb Sosaties…

Whoopy!! We have meat on the braai again! No baking skills today… just real carnivorous culinary delights!

On Saturday we had a wee celebratory braai. If you really must know the reason, yours truly completed another orbit around the sun. I wanted to add a bit of variety so I did some homework. We usually have steak for birthdays but I went off to our friendly butcher last Thursday evening to discuss my options. On Saturday morning the GLW collected all the bits and pieces I’d ordered. Lamb chunks, chicken wings and the necessary steak.

I think, those who know me, will by now know that for me the preparation is just as much fun as the actual braaiing. Some will say that’s because I indulge in a sup or two… just like my first telly food hero, the inimitable Sir Keith Floyd! That man was a legend, there’s no arguing the fact. OK, back to the ingredients. The good lady picked up some fresh veggies as well so after trimming the meat I diced a few peppers, an onion and tomatoes.

Once the meat had been prepared I placed it in a bowl and doctored it with juices of my choice. Lemon, white wine… garlic and herbs. Another tip I learned some time ago, place the skewer sticks in water to soak them thoroughly… that helps prevent them burning away on the hot coals. Then, once all the cutting, slicing and dicing is complete one can begin assembling the sosaties… here goes a gallery to illustrate…