Sometimes a reward can be a simple mouth full of ice cream and on another occasion it can be the luxury of a prawn or two on the braai…

Lemon and garlic prawns... quite a reward for a famished braaier!!


Chicken Like Nando’s?

I’ve had a craving for Nando’s for a while now. We do have a franchise a few miles away but I’m never there so my craving remains… until you find a recipe to make your own. So, the internet’s box of tricks again came up with the goods. Do click here to see the recipe I based my makings on.

I had a bright moment and part cooked the chicken on the braai in the foil tubs (covered with foil). This meant the pieces were evenly cooked through so they didn’t need too much fiddling on the hot coals!!

Lessons Learned?

  • when I do this recipe again I’ll have the pieces smaller and won’t part cook them quite as long at this time
  • I’ll make the hot mix hotter… there was too little Tabasco and chilly in this mix!
  • as always… try and marinade the meat as long as possible… in this case 24 hours would have been better than the 15 I had at my disposal…


I’m being utterly bold here… reblogging without permission (permission obtained) and throwing a diabetics delight right in your face!! I really hope the sugar doesn’t push you past your annual limits!! 😉

Do click on the link below to visit Beyond Paisley’s fun blog… this recipe will inspire you to break the rules…

This was a very good night.

Have loads of fun and don’t drink too much of the flavouring essence as you go along!!

PS – You might wonder about the reblogging bit… it’s over on the other blog but there’s a gremlin in the mixing dish… once reblogged it seems it can’t be reblogged to a second blog in your name…

Pizza Dell’Orto. Cheap Eats.

This smacks of summer!! Something I am in great need of reliving… soon! Thanks to Francesca for allowing me to reblog this great pizza idea. Do visit her site for many more ideas… Thanks again!


One of my New Year’s resolutions included a desire to eat more frugally and to shop less.

My aim is to produce meals that cost close to $1.00 per person on a regular basis. Can this be done with a large pizza for two?  The following costing is based on my free garden produce, which at this time of the year, is dominated by the prolific zucchini crop, followed by cucumbers, tomatoes and basil.

A casual table setting under the trees. A casual table setting under the trees.

A Pizza dell’ Orto is my favourite vegetable garden pizza in summer, especially on a hot evening, in giardino, outside under the trees.

The following costing is pretty accurate, without pedantically weighing the olives, anchovies and so on. I buy Extra Virgin Australian olive oil,  Cobram 3 litres @ $24.00 a tin), Italian anchovy fillets in oil@ $11.00 for 750 gr and Laucke bakers flour @$11.00 for 5 kilo, pitted…

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Banana sponge squares

Here’s something I’ve nicked from my good blog buddy Sallyann. Do pay her blog a visit to share in her good memories!! 😉

Cakes and more

          A huge family favourite, and a great way to use up leftover bananas.

2013-07. Banana sponge squares.


makes 15 squares

OVEN TEMPERATURE :    Gas 4, 180 c, 350 f.

COOKING TIME :   25 – 30 mins 


8 oz castor sugar.

2 tblsp milk.

½ tsp vanilla essence.

2 eggs, separated.

2 oz butter, melted and cooled.

2 ripe bananas, mashed.

2 oz chopped walnuts (optional).

8 oz plain flour.

1 tsp baking powder.



Beat together sugar, milk, vanilla essence and egg yolks until well blended.

Beat in the melted butter until pale and creamy.

Stir in the mashed bananas and chopped walnuts then beat in the flour until smooth.

Whisk the egg whites until stiff and fold into the cake mixture.

Bake until pale golden brown and springy.

Cool on a wire tray. Trim edges and cut into 15 squares, eat the edges and dust the squares with icing sugar when…

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The 21st Braai!

Well, actually we had 2 braai’s… one on Friday night and one on Saturday evening for the family that couldn’t make it on Friday. As it’s always a bit of an issue when one braai’s for many folk, who bring their own meat, it’s difficult to get the evening synchronised. So, to get the ball rolling, we did chicken wings and cocktail sausages for starters. The birthday boy requested steak and marinated pork belly ribs so that followed the starters. Fortunately, most folk brought steak and chicken so it made life easier. I do notice that there’s no photo of the ribs… believe me, they went a long way to filling the grid on their own!

Later in the evening the lad had to blow out the candles!! 

Blow lad... blow!!

On Saturday evening the main course was pork chops, another of the birthday boy’s favourites. The pic shows some of the mix and match again… the ever popular spicy wings and porkies for snacks along with beef burgers for the kids. To the right of the picture are 2 beef kebabs… for birthday boy’s expecting sister. Just to the left of the kebabs are 3 large chicken breasts marinated in a Caribbean sauce, specially for birthday boy’s sister’s partner. Then some of the pork chops in their initial stages of browning…

Another wonderfully laden grid!!

Believe me when I say we all enjoyed the fun! Thanks to everyone for a very memorable weekend! Thanks too the GLW for all her help!!

PS – No, we ate balanced meals… veggies, potato bake, bread, salad… even cake for dessert! We’re more Paleo that carnivore, that I promise!