Banana sponge squares

Here’s something I’ve nicked from my good blog buddy Sallyann. Do pay her blog a visit to share in her good memories!! 😉

Cakes and more

          A huge family favourite, and a great way to use up leftover bananas.

2013-07. Banana sponge squares.


makes 15 squares

OVEN TEMPERATURE :    Gas 4, 180 c, 350 f.

COOKING TIME :   25 – 30 mins 


8 oz castor sugar.

2 tblsp milk.

½ tsp vanilla essence.

2 eggs, separated.

2 oz butter, melted and cooled.

2 ripe bananas, mashed.

2 oz chopped walnuts (optional).

8 oz plain flour.

1 tsp baking powder.



Beat together sugar, milk, vanilla essence and egg yolks until well blended.

Beat in the melted butter until pale and creamy.

Stir in the mashed bananas and chopped walnuts then beat in the flour until smooth.

Whisk the egg whites until stiff and fold into the cake mixture.

Bake until pale golden brown and springy.

Cool on a wire tray. Trim edges and cut into 15 squares, eat the edges and dust the squares with icing sugar when…

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