Today is Mother’s Day in SA so maybe that’s why this post was meant to happen today… as a tribute to my mother and granny! Great ladies both! Anyway, as this blog is about food and tradition I’ll reblog it here… just for the record! God bless…

Ouch!! My back hurts!!

Yesterday was one of those days… the mind was willing but the body not so. Yes, weekends have become for me what they have been for others for a long time; a few desperate hours of rest! Not many years ago I could work two weeks solid, often… duty. Now, I’m afraid, the duty has turned slightly more inward. I think the half brick has splattered onto my cranium… eventually. If one doesn’t have rest then duty becomes torture.

Yesterdays… they are what we’re all about… aren’t they? Yesterday I spent all day at home. Doing what you may ask? Reliving other distant yesterdays… and getting such a refreshing kick from the restful peace it wasn’t even funny! I think I must have spent about 10 minutes outside before the rain drove me back indoors. The result? I decided walking the canal to the cricket ground wasn’t going to happen.

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