The Burger Braai?

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a tribe who never stooped so low as to throw patties onto the coals. Well, they were misguided… some of the time. There are many other tribes across the world who specialise in the art of throwing said patties onto the coals.

Now… by definition there is a distinct excuse for the first mentioned tribe. They will freely admit that there is nothing wrong with said art of patties on the coals… they qualify the practice by saying when you do partake in the activity then you must call what you’re doing a… wait for it, a…


On the other hand, the Saffer tribe will claim that you are not allowed to braai burger patties. It is tribal tradition to do all sorts of meat and even vegetables on the braai but never are you allowed to do porkers and burgers on the braai.

OK, so what am I trying to say. Yesterday I broke the tradition. We inaugurated the 44 gallon drum braai by placing said patties on the coals. I will qualify, let’s just say it was a bit of cross cultural interaction. I will further qualify by saying this batch of patties was special. Real beef, made by a caring butcher.

And in that lies the justification for doing burgers on the braai. Not one of the patties broke asunder or turned to leather. Each and every one of them turned out as one would expect to find in the best burger joints… succulent and tasty! Yes, I did devour one… pity I only managed to get my hands on the last one for I tell you… the next time Fergie Lover pitches up with another batch of burgers I will gleefully slap them on the coals again…

Burger braai...

I will add… there was much other meat on the braai as well… steak, lamb ribs, chicken wings, pork chops…


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