Charcoal and Wors

I’m often asked about both charcoal and wors. Where do we get either, especially in winter in Ireland. The boerewors is made right here in the Green Land. The charcoal is imported… from South Africa. No, I don’t use so much that I get my own supplies in… maybe one day when I own my own braai eatery I’ll have to do so. The product is supplied here by a SA Shop but it’s produced in SA, using invader species. Do click here to visit their site.

For years we were lucky enough to have a South African shop right here in Kilcock but alas, the dreaded recession stole that from us. Now we have to travel a little further if our old friend CV isn’t coming in this direction with a delivery.

OK… enough background. My GLW was doing a bit of promotional photograph to share with CV when I was last braaiing, so that gave me an excuse to do a bit of happy snapping myself. There you have it… SA charcoal and wors (made here) using a tradition SA recipe. Tasty!! Very tasty… the wors we used on the day was a total beef mix, no pork used in this one.

Boerewors and charcoal...

To visit the SA shop’s web page please click here… and their FB page here… now, let’s see if they’ll like our FB page…


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