Braaied Lamb Ribs – With A Twist! (Part 1)

I’m usually not good with other people’s recipes. Mostly they act as inspiration when I see something interesting. No… I’m not saying I’m some kind of wiz in the kitchen, actually the reverse is true. I have a few stock standards, tried and tested with which I occasionally (often) experiment. A tweak here… an additional ingredient there… so it usually goes.

Braaiing comes natural to many folk. I suppose I’m lucky in that I seemed to have been dealt quite a good hand when it comes to throwing bits of meat on the coals. My family just so happen to think I’m OK when it comes to conjuring up a fairly decent meal for them, when I attempt to do so. I think my luck is somewhat enhanced because I have NO sense of smell. Yes, I’m often asked by guests how I could taste my food if I can’t smell it. I’m not sure… I guess in my case it’s all in the fingertips and the eyes…

Anyway, I’ve really digressed. Today is slightly different. Not only did I draw from the recipe of a fellow blogger for my inspiration, I actually followed all the instructions… with a tweak or two. Let’s just say that’s the stubborn creativity in me.

The fun begins...

The inspiration came from Jennifer’s How to make Tomato Sauce Like an Italian. The idea of doing a few lamb ribs in a marinade based on the sauce was born. Why? Well, I was actually looking for an excuse to spend hours doing nothing… just relaxing in the kitchen with the family. They came and went while I carried on regardless. I’ve often said it… the making and preparing of the meal is therapeutic. I’ll agree with one of my food hero’s, Rick Stein often says cooking is a form of art. It must be, otherwise, if it was work, we wouldn’t necessarily find enjoyment, would we?

OK… back to the tomato sauce. The best way to describe the whole process is to say please click on the link and follow Jennifer’s step by step guide. I’ll show you a gallery of my process so, if you want to see where I deviated you’ll have to check the slides sequentially.

OK… I’ll begin the sequence by saying I began the whole process at around noon on a Saturday and by about seven in the evening I put the ribs in the sauce for their overnight rest. I’ll add, for the sake of not boring you to tears I’ll split the post into a two-parter… today, the sauce…

Begin top left… read the captions… there’s a surprise ingredient or two added…


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